Tulakogee News Flash

We have been bombarded with all kinds of interesting Rumors about the Future of Tulakogee. Have you ever been in a group that has played the game where the first person starts a story and it is whispered around the group then is revealed with the last person? The result is always a far cry from the original which is what’s happening.  The time has come to try to clear the air:

NO the Board is not selling Tulakogee and giving the proceeds to Don and Dawn Marie
for a retirement Gift!

YES Tulakogee is going to continue to minister without a single day of being closed!

YES we are having Camp next summer as planned!

YES we continue to take reservations because we are going to continue!

YES Tulakogee has struggled for the past 12 years since the Tulsa Metro
Baptist Association pulled $145K plus, in support and turned Tulakogee over to a
Board of Directors that have overseen Tulakogee as a 501-C3 non-profit ministry.

YES Tulakogee is going to continue to be all we can be as a tool of sharing the Gospel!

YES the Tulakogee Board is meeting with Pastors to see if there is interest in forming
a Support Team for the ongoing Ministry as it is currently organized.

Yes the Board is talking with another Camp about the merging, NOT CLOSING which
would concentrate on taking Tulakogee to the next level of Ministry.

The most important word I can give you is to be assured that: All THOSE IN THE DECISION PROCESS ARE LOOKING TO OUR LORD FOR HIS HEART!

As for a word from me, I have been lead to the statement that Henry Blackaby made in Experiencing God – “Find where the Lord is working and join Him”.

Clearing The Air,

Don Burns-Director