Director: Don Burns              CSC_0036
Don has been the director here at Tulakogee for over 21 years. He knows his mission here is to serve God and make Him known through his work and relationships he has made. He firmly believes with all his heart that he is serving here at Tulakogee to make a difference for eternity. That is a very evident truth in Don’s work and life here at Tulakogee. He lives and works here with his wife, Dawn Marie.  Don is a talented and gifted man of God who has skills that range from designing and building a hotel, managing a large staff, as well as ministering to those who come and stay at Tulakogee. Anyone who is around Don for more than 5 minutes realizes that he is a man after God’s own heart who has an intense passion for doing the Lord’s work here at Tulakogee. Don And Dawn Marie have two grown children and three grandchildren.

Administrative Assistant: Dawn Marie Burns CSC_0014
Dawn Marie is a dedicated staff member who puts in countless hours in the office making sure things are run smoothly and efficiently. If you have questions about anything Dawn Marie probably knows the answer. Dawn Marie is a compassionate, loving, nurturing part of the Tulakogee family. She makes sure that everyone stays healthy not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well. Dawn Marie makes everyone that comes to Tulakogee feel welcome and brings a smile to anyone she comes across.


Staff photo- Nathan

Guest Services Coordinator: Nathan Thomson                                                                               Nathan, graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University in 2013, with a degree in Camp Administration. He joins us full-time after working in all aspects of camp staff for two summers during his college years. Nathan grew up on a ranch in Bartlesville, Ok, near Tulsa. In his spare time, Nathan enjoys fishing, reading and hunting. Nathan is sure to provide a friendly face with a gracious servants heart to all of Tulakogee’s guests. Nathan married Kyla Martin from Ft. Gibson Ok December 5, 2015. Nathan and Kyla together work and add to the many demotions of the ministry.


Book Keeper : Lisa Hitchcock                                                                                                                             Lisa does many thing for Tulakogee. She oversees the billing for groups, payroll and all the many people and business’s who support the ministry of Tulakogee. Along with Lisa being a the book Keeper her husband, Jeff Hitchcock, does our maintenance upkeep and general repairs as needed. Lisa and Jeff have three grown children and four grandchildren. They are both a great help around camp and bring enthusiasm for Tulakogee and the work that is being done here.



Part time staff:
George Leak, Jeff Hitchcock, John adams


Summer staff 2013