Tulakogee Conference Center has an equine opportunity to be situated on Fort Gibson Lake                                                                          among the many beautiful oak, hickory and pecan trees, and not very far from Tulsa and                              surrounding Green Country towns.

Tulakogee is a place to connect with your church or family.

We have a variety of lodging choices to meet the needs for small groups of two or large groups of 500 and everything in between. 

Tulakogee can provide support to make your retreat the best possible experience. Planned programing we offer Kids Mission Adventure Camp and first & Second Grade Day Camp.

For our current rates and fees or additional information, please call  918-462-3212 or                                          email us at 

Below you will find information about each cabin.  For additional cabin photos click on each cabin name.                                 Information for the Adult Conference center can be found on the main page.

All buildings have central heat and air.

Newly remodel bunk beds

Up Dated Lighting and flooring

New roofs on all but two buildings

New porches on Two buildings


Capacity – 48 people

This three-story cabin has five individual rooms (24 beds) on the upper floor and  a lower level with bunk style rooming (24 beds). There is a kitchen for meal preparation and a spacious living room featuring a fireplace and a nice meeting area.  The kitchen area includes a stove, refrigerator, microwave, and coffeemaker.  Additionally, Redbud boasts an outdoor fire pit for your enjoyment. The location of this cabin is very close to part of our low ropes course.



Birch 1-4
Capactity – 124

With four separate sleeping bays, Birch 1-4 can be booked as a whole or individually to best meet the needs of your group.  Each of these rooms have bathroom and shower facilities.    Birch 1 & 2 (30 bed capacity each) are connected by a large multi-purpose meeting area with a wood-burning fireplace.  Additionally, Birch 3 & 4 (32 bed capacity each) have separate entrances.  For in-cabin meals, this area also has a spacious kitchen with two stoves, a refrigerator, microwave, soda machine and coffee maker. This cabin in located in the central part of camp. A fire ring is located just out the door for the enjoyment of singing and making SMOORES.

**Wheelchair accessible  

Oak 1 & 2 DSC_0070

Capacity – 80

This centrally located cabin has two sections with 40 beds in each.  There are also bathroom/shower facilities in each section.  The location of this cabin provides convenient access to the nearby dining hall, pool, basketball courts, and Pedal Karts.  Oak also a soda machine available for use on the front porch.

**Wheelchair accessible  

Minister's Cabin

Minister’s Cabin

Whether for meditation, a place to study or simply to get away for a few days, this novel cabin is offered as a restful space for ministers or church staff and their families.   With a studio apartment layout, this space is fully furnished with a kitchen (utensils included), bathroom/shower facilities, queen size bed, tv/dvd player, and a lovely gas fireplace.   If needed, there is an additional room that can accomodate up to four additional beds and includes separate bathroom/shower facilities.  Regardless of denomination, this a  great space for those in need of a retreat.

**Wheelchair accessible  


Capacity – 66

This updated cabin has two sleeping areas connected by  a kitchen and spacious meeting room with a gas fireplace.  Each sleeping area has 32 beds along with bathroom/shower facilities.  Off the kitchen, there is also a small private sleeping space with a full-sized bed.  The kitchen area includes a stove, refrigerator, microwave, soda machine, and coffeemaker.

**Wheelchair accessible 




Capacity – 60

This unique cabin has six separate bedrooms connected by a multi-purpose area that spans the length of the structure.     Each bedroom has separate bathroom/shower facilities and houses 10 beds.  The meeting area has an open kitchen and a beautiful gas fireplace.  The kitchen area includes a stove, refrigerator, microwave, soda machine, and coffeemaker.



Elm DSC_0088

Capacity- 36

Updated in Spring 2013, this cabin has four separate sleeping areas (two with 12 beds each & two with 6 beds each).  All rooms are equipped with bathroom/shower facilities.  These rooms are connected by a large multi-purpose area and kitchen.   The kitchen area includes a stove, refrigerator, microwave, and coffeemaker.

**Wheelchair accessible 


Cherry Cherry

Capacity – 24

Located nearest to the dock, this cabin has two sleeping areas, each with bathroom/shower facilities and 12 beds.   There is a multi-purpose common area with a kitchen and a gas fireplace.  The kitchen includes a stove, refrigerator, microwave and coffeemaker.

**Wheelchair accessible



Capacity- 12

Located above the pool house, this cabin has six rooms with bathroom/shower facilities in each.  Five of these rooms have two beds each with one room having a queen size bed.  This cabin also features two small common areas each with couches, an eating area, a fireplace and a kitchenette.  The kitchenettes each have a refrigerator, microwave and coffeemaker.

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