Guest Information & Guidelines

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View out hotel room.

View out hotel room.


If you are a guest of Tulakogee here are a few guidelines, rules, information that you will need to know…

Check in, Check out
When you arrive at the camp, please come and check in at the office. If you need in a building, need supplies, etc. please let us know at this time. If no one is in the office when you arrive for any reason, please call: (918) 698-9577 Nathan Thompon – guest services coordinator.

All individual and group bills must be paid in full before leaving the camp facilities, unless specific billing arrangements have been made thru the office at least a week prior to arrival.

Commuters should check in at the Registration Office on the first day of attendance for an event. Check-in time is fixed for individual groups due to different times of arrival for groups.

There is no curfew unless specified by an individual group who is renting the whole facilities. KMAK curfew is set by the KMAK directors and enforced by KMAK directors and volunteers.

Clothing should be modest and appropriate for a Christian atmosphere. Extremely short shorts, skirts, or dresses are inappropriate. Female swimsuits MUST BE ONE PIECE or have a cover worn over them at all times. Male swimsuits must be trunk type, “Speedo” type swimsuits are not allowed.

Faxes and Copies
Faxes may be sent or received (918-462-0252) from the office for a nominal fee. Copies may be made at the office for nominal fees

Souvenir Window
The souvenir window is located at the entry to the kitchen. If you would like to purchase an item please let one of the kitchen staff or office staff know and they will assist you. Items include:

  • T-shirts
  • Barrel hats
  • Ball caps
  • Gel pens
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Key chains
  • misc.

First Aid
A camp first aid personnel or other qualified medical help is usually on duty at all times during the summer season. This is not mandated by state law; however, Tulakogee makes every effort to provide this service. Our director, Don Burns, and Anne Kay are volunteer firefighter/first responders and can help as necessary.

Local Area Information
Right down the road is the Whitehorn Cove Marina as well as a State Park. Whitehorn Cove Marina and resort is located at Whitehorn Cove on scenic Fort Gibson Lake. They have a floating restaurant, private beach area, landing strip, guided fishing tours, boat slip rentals and a marina. Hunting and wildlife are also abundant in the area.

Lost and Found
Items that are found in the buildings or on the grounds are placed in lost-and-found. We will hold items for up to two weeks before we donate it or give it away. If you are looking for a lost item please email or call (918) 462-3212. Please provide a description of the item, contact information, and where you last saw/had the item.

We currently have free internet access for our guests in a few locations, but we are working at getting a booster tower to reach more areas on the camp grounds. Due to high traffic of internet use we reserve the right to password protect our wifi so that we can still do our normal work. If you request the password there will be no extra charge to give it out.

Here are a few places you will get a good signal: the office, Dining Hall, the gazebos around the camp near the office, Tabernacle/Evergreen Conference Room, and the Adult Conference Center.

Restrictions or Not Allowed:

Use or possession of alcohol is not permitted at any time. Any medication or controlled substances taken without a prescription or forbidden.  Guests in non-compliance will be asked to leave, will forfeit any right to refund, and may jeopardize the invitation of their group to return to Tulakogee.

Damage to Tulakogee Property
Any damage such as graffiti, broken beds, broken windows, damage to doors, walls, floors, or furnishings, etc. will be billed to your group. Please be sure to tell your group members to be careful. Our experience in camping has led us to conclude that shaving cream (for non shavers), silly string, glue, glitter, duct tape, and items along these lines are not needed for camping. Sponsors are encouraged to have a “suitcase check” prior to leaving for Tulakogee and remove items that could cause your group to receive a bill after your visit.

Possession of firearms and fireworks of any nature are forbidden.

Absolutely no pets allowed on the camp grounds. Guests who bring pets may be asked to leave or take the pet off the property. We gladly invite any and all service/assistance animals to use our facility.

Sports Equipment
In order to keep good equipment for you, our guests, we will begin a checkout process for our basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, etc. There will be no fee unless a peice of equipment is brought back damaged or lost. In order to not be charged a fee for the use of these items, please respect our equipment. If you bring your own equipment, Tulakogee will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.