Current Volunteer Projects

Here is a listing of volunteer opportunities in order of priorities that Tulakogee has available. Each is critical to our overall ministry. If you see one you like please contact us to work out details.

  1. Cabin deep cleaning is a semiannual focus (spring and fall). The way it works is that a group takes a cabin and goes through each room with a fine tooth comb to make sure nothing is overlooked to bring the cabin up to expectations for the upcoming season. It will mean cleaning, painting, repairing, plumbing electrical and replacing whatever we can and must!


  1. Water slide supports are in need of painting and replacing steel bracing. This would require at least one welder (we have the equipment needed for welding) and helpers to brace up and disassemble the slide sections as needed. This would be at least a two day project depending on how many volunteers are available.
  2. Grounds pick up is a way we can keep the 200 acres we have on the shore of Ft Gibson lake looking like it should. This is a year round opportunity but critical to prepare for the summer season. Other critical times are following storms that bring windy conditions to the area. Sometime we haul debris to piles other times we make picking up into a “BOND FIRE RODEO”. During limited times of the year we burn off the grounds from the lake to the neighborhood. This is a time when lots of volunteers are needed with back pack blowers and rakes. This “Burn Off” helps us control the insects with a minimal of pesticides.


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  1. Exterior building repairs.With 27 buildings there are always repairs that need to be kept up with. Such repairs include shingle work, trim replacement, painting and door repairs. We will focus each group on doing a specific repair need and provide a trailer with materials and equipment to do the job in multiple areas.using the tablesaw
  2. Installation of a new water system. This project is focused on providing six fire hydrants and a *” water main to replace the existing two inch lines. We have the materials on site but need trenching and assembly help.
  3. Interior finishing of two storm rooms/handicap restrooms. The project would include constructing stalls, tile work and plumbing.
  4. Construction of a 300’x600’ sewer lagoon. This would require equipment such as excavation equipment and operators.
  5. The Pool House is in need of a new shingle roof. The project would involve putting a new layer of shingles over the single layer that is there currently. One side is steep and the other is an easy slope. We have equipment to handle the job but need able bodied people to get the job done safely. We will provide all the bottled water and sun screen you will need.
  6. Replace the pool filter room and repair fencing at the pool. This is a 16’x22’ room that needs some framing and new siding and even a new roof.
  7. Painting the lake side of the new conference center would involve masking off 38 windows and A/C units then spraying the 400’ long two story walls and rolling the trim around the windows. We would rent the lifts needed and have professional spray units available.
  8. Fire truck restoration. We have a 1946 Ford fire truck that is a non moving display in the Fire House lodge. We need to complete restoration of the truck to make it an appealing display.
  9. Air plane maintenance. No we aren’t talking about a flying plane but rather a 1956 Beach Craft B-18 that is on display and open to those who would like to climb up in the plane and take the controls and pretend.The plane needs some TLC outside and in to make it a fun place to experience. airplane
  10. Construction of a 70’x100’ Warehouse is on our horizon. We will need help with concrete work, metal building erection, electrical and interior framing. As soon as we can get the remaining $28,000.00 needed for the project we will be moving ahead. This project would be one your group might want to take on a single segment of the construction as your mission project.



These special people are needed for two to ten weeks during the summer

  • Recreation Helpers help us in the areas of Peddle Carts, Mountain Bikes, Miniature Golf and Snack Bar operations. These special friends of Tulakogee help to provide recreation opportunities’ to campers and help us keep our cost of operation lower. These supporters have a special time to share with the campers as they experience “Camp Time”.
  • Outside Volunteers are needed to help with lawn mowing, building maintenance and equipment servicing. Something is always in need of attention. If you would like to spend a day a week or weeks at a shot making things work come on down!
  • Dinning Host and or Hostess. Our food service is a critical part of our ministry. Our quality food service supported with positive staff set a critical mood for the Holly Sprit to work in the lives of thousands of guests each summer. These folks would help with the Dining Room preparation, directing and greeting guests.
  • Office Assistants would help with the work load that is a huge part of the summer demands. Registration, managing messages, covering the phones and pointing lost campers to their activity classes are a major part of what the assistants are involved with. If you enjoy helping in an office environment here’s your chance!