Day Camp Group Registration

To pre-register your group please fill out this form and email it back to or send a paper form to Tulakogee. (Click here for address)

For a word document version of this form please click this link: Daycamp group registration

1st & 2nd Grade Day Camp Group Registration
& T-Shirt

Bring this to Day Camp Sponsor Training Meeting.

Church ________________________________________________________________________

Church Contact Person:_______________________________________

Email: ____________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________

Church Phone: ______________________________

Total Male Sponsors and Boys_________

Total Female Sponsors and Girls __________

Total # of whole group ______________

Deposit is $10 per person (Non refundable) : Total deposit = $10 x__________=_____________


Youth Small _______________   Youth M_______________    Youth L_______________

Adult sizes:  S _________  M __________    L ___________  XL ________

XXL ________ XXXL ________