KMAK Registration & Forms

front gate (2) The following instructions will help you maneuver through the process of registration:

  1. Pick the week for you would like to attend.
  2. Print off and send in your non-refundable $25.00 per person deposit to Tulakogee Conference Center, 34168 E 713th Way, Wagoner, OK 74467.
  3. Make copies of the Individual Registration Form, which each person will need to fill out. This includes a form for each sponsor as well. Make a copy of each filled out form. Tulakogee gets the original, and the church gets the copy.
  4. Make sure you have done the proper background checks for each adult sponsor that will be attending with your group. Each church will sign and fill out a form stating that they have completed the proper background checks that are required for each adult sponsor.
  5. Make copies of “Medical Authorization Form” for each child bringing medication. We will collect all medication and forms on Monday morning during registration at kamp. This form should be in the gallon size zip-lock bag with the original container for the medication listing the child’s name and the church they are attending with.
  6. If you have a child who has a serious life threatening illness or severe allergy, please fill out the forms here and contact your KMAK Director before signing up and also contact Tulakogee Conference Center and let them know what to expect.
  7. For your parent meeting, make copies of “what to bring list” for each parent/child.
  8. Your week of KMAK will have a meeting prior to kamp at FBC Tulsa’s Student Center.  At this meeting bring the Group Registration and the T-Shirt Form completed. We will give you name tags, students handbooks, counselor handbooks, and t-shirts. Also have final payment ready and bring to the meeting (make checks out to Tulakogee).  If you have the individual registration forms filled out we will take them at this time or at kamp on Monday.
  9. Any adjustments will be made on the first day of your week at KMAK.

Registration forms:Fill out and send to Tulakogee


The dates for the pre-kamp counselor training meetings are (note the new time):

KMAK 1 – 2  TBA



Meeting Location:

The meeting will be at FBC Tulsa’s Student Center. The address is 434 South Detroit (corner of 5th and Detroit), Tulsa, OK.