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Being part of our summer staff is not just a job for the summer. It is an opportunity to be what we call a “Caregiver” . We take the responsibility that is entrusted to us to provide a setting for the Lord to work in the lives of those who come to Tulakogee very seriously. Whether we are serving food, putting a band aid on a knee or watching a pool full of kids we seek to provide a place that those who come know that there is something “Special” about those who take care of their needs. Here is a list of openings we have for the summer of 2015:

Advanced First Aid Camp Nurse

We provided basic first aid and medication dispensing to our guests when needed. The Camp Nurse is not under a Doctors Direction but provides evaluation and treatment for “First Aid” situations. We have emergency treatment available close by and we refer any situation to professional care that we believe is questionable or obvious. The basic requirements are Advanced First Aid or above. The ability to organize medications sent by the parent or guardian and dispense per the directions on the labeled prescription container. Over the counter medications for basic treatment situations would be authorized by  parent or guardian or a counselor if parent or guardian was unavailable. The schedule would be dictated by medication times and emergencies as they arise. This position is a weekly salaried compensation in addition to room and meals and the opportunity to be a kids hero.

Life Guard/outside staff u16936495pool

The Life Guard services would be provided at the pool and on occasion at the waterfront. The remaining time would be spent in general outside work such as housekeeping and program support. The Requirements would be a valid Life Guard Certificate and an attitude that was flex able. The position would be paid on an hourly basis starting at $7.50 per hour in addition to room (if needed) and meals.

Food Service Assistant chef brandi

The food service is a demanding and rewarding position. Our food service is key to providing a positive atmosphere for those who come to camp. There are two shifts open, Morning and afternoon. Previous food service experience is not required but would be helpful. The basic requirement is a flexible attitude and a willingness to do what needs to be done. You would be baking or cutting up veggies, serving on the line or shuttling food from the kitchen to the serving line or any one of another 15 things that come up. The position is an hourly position starting at $7.50 per hour and includes room ( if needed) and meals.

Contact us for any questions you might have at 918-462-3212

Employment Application:Employment Application