We at Tulakogee are Thankful for…


We at Tulakogee are Thankful for…

Prayer supports that we know and do not know that pray for the ministry of Tulakogee.

Supporting churches that support the year round ministry.

Individuals that faithfully give financial support month after month, or when they can.

Board members that direct the path and future of Tulakogee.

Special group of ladies that direct and develop the Kids Mission Camps. (they work all year long to provide quality programming)

Church leaders who send their kids to camp.

Counselors that give a week of their lives to make a difference in the life of a child.

Volunteer couples that give five weeks to supporting the summer programming.

Groups that have training and leadership events: Church Staff, FFA, FCCLA, Career tech, Sand Spring Schools, Cherokee Nations Choir, Cherokee Country 4-H, Wagoner Country DHS to name a few…..

Men, women, couples, families, mission trip, youth, choir and craft groups just to name a few.

Volunteers that give two weeks a year to help up-grade and make a difference in the facilities.

Churches that send mission teams to help up-grade and make a difference in the facilities.

Families that come and help with summer actives, like grilling, laundry, mowing lawns and washing down tables.

Staff that work long days cooking, cleaning, weeding eating, life guarding, laundry, cleaning rooms that support the Adult Conference Center and cabin area of camp.

The thread that weaves this special place together…is you!

God bless each of you in the coming weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas.