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Code of Conduct

Tulakogee Camp and Conference Center

Code of Conduct – Established 2.19.2019

With a desire and an intent to offer an atmosphere that is both safe and considerate to those who come on this campus the following described Code of Conduct is hereby adopted and shall apply to all persons while on the Tulakogee Camp and Conference Center (herein after referred to as Tulakogee) campus for any reason.

All staff, volunteers, vendors, sponsors, camp attendees, guests, and visitors agree to abide by and willingly adhere to these guidelines and the spirit defined herewith for the privilege to use, attend, and/or participate in activities and programs on the Tulakogee campus. The following guidelines are applicable throughout the campus in its entirety to include but not limited to all buildings (enclosed or open), rest rooms, pool activity areas, lake use areas associated with activities from the camp, grounds, roadways, parking lots, as well as vehicles parked or situated on those grounds, roadways and parking lots:

Tulakogee is a restricted alcohol campus. [In recognition of the possibility that certain forms of alcohol may be appropriately used for pre-approved occasions by persons who are of age, consideration must be requested in advance of any on-campus possession or use and must be granted in writing with agreed limitations.] Possession and/or consumption of any alcohol in any form is prohibited without permission as defined in this Code of Conduct. Any person entering upon the campus in a condition deemed by the Administration or staff of Tulakogee to be impaired or affected by such may be asked to forego a standard breathalyzer test to determine their eligibility and permission to remain on campus.

Tulakogee desires to be a tobacco, and vapor restricted campus. Under no circumstances are tobacco and/or vapor products to be used within buildings or rooms within buildings. However, in consideration of persons who are of age, and who choose to use tobacco or vapor products there are designated use areas located on campus. Tobacco and vapor product usage is limited to those areas designated for such.

There shall be no possession or use of any illegal substance in any form. Any person entering upon the campus in a condition deemed by the administration or staff of Tulakogee Conference Center to be impaired or affected by such use may be required to forfeit their eligibility and permission to remain on campus.

Possession and/or use of any prescription strength drugs or medications while on campus shall be carried out consistent with the authorization by a licensed physician for medicinal reasons. A copy of such authorization shall be in writing and in possession of the person authorized to use such medication. Persons under 18 years of age shall have medications checked with and use monitored by an approved adult or Tulakogee Staff medical personnel.

Possession or use of any firearm(s), fireworks, knives, sprays, or weapons of any type is prohibited (except with concealed carry authorization – there shall be no open carry even with permit) while on the Conference Center campus. All air and small caliber firearms, archery equipment, and other weaponry provided by Tulakogee are to be used under prescribed supervision for training and teaching purposes only. Tulakogee staff personnel designated for security purposes are exempt from this restriction.

In consideration for all persons on campus there shall be no public displays of affection as determined by the Tulakogee staff Administration.

Clothing and personal attire shall adhere to the camp dress code at all times while on campus and during pool and lake related activities.

Language which is abusive and/or obscene as determined by the Staff and administration of Tulakogee shall not be permitted.

Any and all blatant disrespect for the Tulakogee campus, its Staff and facilities shall not be allowed.

Pets of any kind are not allowed on the campus without prior approval. A registered service animal shall be allowed to accompany its owner but must first be signed in and cleared at the main office when arriving on campus.

Any and all persons willfully or otherwise violating or disregarding these guidelines will be asked to correct such misconduct or dress code immediately. Refusal or failure to correct such actions or repeated disregard by groups, large segments of a group, or individuals of this Code of Conduct does hereby forfeit the right of such group(s) or individuals to use the camp and results in their being required to discontinue all involvement at the camp and leave the campus immediately. Tulakogee reserves the right to employ legal means (to include law enforcement personnel and equipment) by which to carry out these guidelines and Code of Conduct to the continued safety and wellbeing of all persons and facilities on campus. Determinations of severity and evaluation of possible impact on the safety and wellbeing of guests, staff and facilities in the administration of this Code of Conduct by the Administration or Staff of Tulakogee Camp and Conference Center in one situation does in no way set precedence or limit their ability to apply these guidelines as may seem appropriate in future situations.

Any person or persons required to discontinue activities and leave the Tulakogee campus as a result of violating this agreed Code of Conduct does also forfeit any right to reimbursement of all deposits and fees associated with their activities.

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