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Fall and Winter 2020

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times – actually, it seems nobody knows exactly what time it is…

Whatever else it is, it is a time of change with new norms and everyone looking for a way to move forward, as safely as possible. For Tulakogee it has been and continues to be a time of newness. New people, new processes, new directions, deeper dependence, and mountain moving levels of faith – not all bad; certainly not all fun.

The enjoyment and confidence people have for getting together continues to be impacted by Covid-19. As a Board and Staff, desiring to be sensitive to that impact and good stewards of the resources we are entrusted to manage, Tulakogee Conference Center is going to do what it has never done in its 50 plus year history. We are going to let the camp rest this fall and early winter and see where these next months take the world we all live in. We are right now in the process of sanitizing, winterizing, and closing our campus by the end of August. All fall activities and groups have either been cancelled or rescheduled into next year.

What will we do during this season of quiet? That will be determined by several factors. Be assured there are many projects that would benefit the camp, both in refresh and complete rebuild possibilities. There are also numerous new ideas (excitingly new ideas) waiting for available resources to set them in motion. Our bank has partnered with us to help in this time of no guest income, but the utility and insurance meters still tick.

We’ll keep you posted as things develop. Pray for our Board and Advisory Council, and thank you for walking with us as we step up to more mountains…

Your Board, Advisory Council, & Staff


Summer Staff 2020

Tulakogee is STAFFING. {6.07.2020}


Calling all volunteers, seasoned professionals, experienced tradesmen, and cabin-bound college aged and upper level high school young adults whose summer went in ways not planned. We are looking for hearts with a desire to serve. We are opening camp in late June and running thru July and August to be available for groups. We need team players to help us do in three weeks what usually takes 3 months to accomplish. Get ready and host camp!

WE are also staffing to serve in these areas:

  • Lifeguards
  • Housekeeping
  • Kitchen
  • Grounds and Maintenance
  • Group activity facilitators

If you are looking for a way to close out your summer well, whether for a few weeks or until Labor Day – we should talk.

Call us at 918-462-3212 or email us at

Summer 2020

Tulakogee is OPEN and SCHEDULING GROUPS.  {6.07.2020}

In a season of “what next”, and as a result of finding ourselves in agreement with a desire to join in the process of Restarting the Planet, our Board has voted unanimously to offer camp sessions in the second half of the summer. Beginning the last week of June thru July and August we are booking groups who want some time to focus on God in an outdoor setting.

Our own KMAK and Day Camp programs were cancelled for this year with a realistic understanding of the impracticality of monitoring and distancing 1st thru 6th grade age kids – and still offer them a good level of what we want as a camp experience.

Yes, as we open, we will be including some of the recommended CDC guidelines to help both our staff and our guests be as safe as practical in a camp setting.

If your group or church has an interest in visiting with us about the particulars and what we can offer at Tulakogee Conference Center, call our office at 918-462-3212 or email us at  and come see why our name stands for A Gathering Place for Life!

We do not know yet what the fall will hold, but we know the One who does – we’ll keep you posted…