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Day Camp 2021

April 9, 2021

Greetings to our Fellow K.M.A.K. Friends,

We hope that you are doing well and just as excited as we are for being able to put dates on the calendar and begin planning for the summer.  As we all know the summer of 2020 did not go as we would have liked.  However, all the things that took us by surprise did not take our God by surprise.  We are thankful for His provision and His faithfulness.

Due to the effects of 2020 a few things have changed around here at Tulakogee.  We are seeking the Lord and trusting that He is guiding the steps we are taking to be able to open and witness the differences He makes in the lives of those who get to attend here this summer.  We are in the planning stages of opening up and look forward to ministering to the groups that are making plans to be here with us.  Due to a few changes we are offering one week of K.M.A.K. this summer and we still plan to have 1st and 2nd grade Day Camp.  This week of K.M.A.K. will be July 26-29 and the cost will be $195 per camper.  Day Camp is scheduled for August 2-4 and the cost will be $95 per camper.

We would like for you to join us this summer.  As you can see with only one week of K.M.A.K. we will need to limit the number of campers to 325.  If you are planning to bring your group to camp please send in your registration soon.  If you have any questions you can reach John Hewitt at 918-462-3212.

In Him,

John Hewitt

Tulakogee Staff

Staff 2021

2021 The Summer of Dreams

Tulakogee Conference Center is ready to dream and begin staffing for this coming summer – and beyond…  We are looking for people who want to be a part of a team. A team that works hard, sometimes long, always as a team – and touches lives!

We are currently looking for team members at all levels, to prepare meals, help in housekeeping, keep the place running and the grounds looking good, and keep the records that show how we’re doing. We are also looking for staff members who want to be in the middle of facilitating activities and helping people get the most out of their time at Tulakogee.

We are a faith-based conference and family impact center on Ft Gibson Lake near Wagoner, OK., with a name that stands for “A Gathering Place for Life.”  Come join us!!!

If that is you, give me a call at 918-432-3212, or shoot me an email at and let’s find a time to visit.


Wow was 2020 ever a year! Through these past nine months all of us have been impacted and prompted to rethink many things – in our relationships, in our commitments, and simply how we go about life. For us at Tulakogee it has been no different. We are still working thru and responding to changes even as we post this update. Wanting to believe there is a path forward many of you are asking is there going to be camp in 2021 and can our group come? The answer to that is YES, we are making plans to de-winterize the campus in May and begin activities around the first part of June. We have a lot of plans for new venues and ideas for points of impact, and some of those may have to happen slower than desired; but we believe there is a path beyond today.

What will it all look like? That is a great question. One that the next few months may answer better than any of us could today, but we are on the path. If your group or family is looking for a place to get out, share some time together and breathe again, give us a call (918) 462.3212 or contact us via e mail at and let’s look at the possibilities together.

Hey, if you have an interest in helping make it all happen as a volunteer or being a part of our summer staff team, let us know. It is going to take a lot of hands pulling together to make it happen well.

2021, we can do this!

Fall and Winter 2020

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times – actually, it seems nobody knows exactly what time it is…

Whatever else it is, it is a time of change with new norms and everyone looking for a way to move forward, as safely as possible. For Tulakogee it has been and continues to be a time of newness. New people, new processes, new directions, deeper dependence, and mountain moving levels of faith – not all bad; certainly not all fun.

The enjoyment and confidence people have for getting together continues to be impacted by Covid-19. As a Board and Staff, desiring to be sensitive to that impact and good stewards of the resources we are entrusted to manage, Tulakogee Conference Center is going to do what it has never done in its 50 plus year history. We are going to let the camp rest this fall and early winter and see where these next months take the world we all live in. We are right now in the process of sanitizing, winterizing, and closing our campus by the end of August. All fall activities and groups have either been cancelled or rescheduled into next year.

What will we do during this season of quiet? That will be determined by several factors. Be assured there are many projects that would benefit the camp, both in refresh and complete rebuild possibilities. There are also numerous new ideas (excitingly new ideas) waiting for available resources to set them in motion. Our bank has partnered with us to help in this time of no guest income, but the utility and insurance meters still tick.

We’ll keep you posted as things develop. Pray for our Board and Advisory Council, and thank you for walking with us as we step up to more mountains…

Your Board, Advisory Council, & Staff